Speicalist Home Loan

Specialist home loan also known as Non Conforming home loan is simply a home loan that don’t typically conform to the major banks’ standard loan criteria. At Super Finance Markets we understand so we provide a more flexible approach in helping our customers regardless of their past and present credit or repayment history.

Speicalist home loan starts from just 6.19%

Load Purpose Purchase or Refinance your investment property
Loan Size Up to $2,500,000
Maximum IVR Up to 95%
Loan Term Up to 25 years
Repayments Principal & Interest or Interest Only
Employment Type PAYG, Self-Employed & LoDoc
Defaults Unlimted accepted (Unlimited)
Judgements Unlimted accepted (Unlimited)
Writs Paid or Unpaid accepted
Discharged Bankruptcy 1 day accepted

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